Introducing SequoiaCX: A Better Digital Agency for the Demands of the Digital Age

Release Date: 13 October 2020


SequoiaCX is a full-service GROWTH Agency for the digital age—helping Medtech and Startup organizations share their passion, empower customers, and increase profitability by creating more meaningful customer relationships.


Yucaipa, California – October 13th, 2020 – SequoiaCX, a new Digital Customer Experience (CX) Agency, announces they are officially open for business and committed to promoting sustainable environments for growth in both business and the environment.

Maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving, hyper-connected world requires organizations to adopt a mindset that promotes continuous improvement and change. Organizations that embrace the digital age gain a significant advantage and outperform their competitors by leveraging platforms and workflows that promote efficiency and data-driven decision making.

The transition to digitally managing customers, team members, and customer operations can be difficult for traditional organizations to overcome. Successful Digital CX Transformation requires a combination of business and strategic skills, technical and implementation expertise, as well as a customer-centric mindset and the decision to fearlessly embrace change. The results of successful digital projects are enormous—but the very real challenges, costs, and pitfalls of failed efforts and delays deter many organizations from even getting started.

Enter SequoiaCX. SequoiaCX helps traditional organizations tap into the digital advantage and outperform their competition without having to spend a fortune. SequoiaCX offers a full suite of digital services—providing everything organizations need to build powerful, resilient digital brands and experiences. Services include strategic planning and consulting, customer operations optimization, digital brand and presence (marketing), as well as platform integration and coaching. With these offerings, SequoiaCX helps lower cost to serve, expand reach, increase customer engagement, deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences, and lay the foundations for long-term growth and success.

“We help organizations overcome obstacles and build cohesive strategies to tackle digital transformation—with a hyper-focus on the customer.”

“The major problem that I have seen is that, for most organizations, digital adoption is detached from the customer experience. In many cases, tools and solutions are designed and built by IT teams without the inclusion of customer-facing teams—and more importantly—the customers they serve. This detachment from the customer leads to costly, bespoke, disparate, and archaic systems that are unruly to wield, slow to release, and only focused on today’s needs—not tomorrow’s visions.”

“SequoiaCX is different. We are a customer-centric digital agency that pairs technical and strategic skills with a deep understanding of customer needs and the operations that serve them. We partner with organizations to first learn who they are—as well as their unique value and challenges. With that groundwork laid, we build strategic and comprehensive visions, identify solutions that fit, and integrate them into the teams that will wield them.”

“By properly leveraging digital solutions—traditional companies can streamline operations, digitize and enhance the customer’s experience, and significantly improve their ability to manage—and track—relationships at scale. For less than the cost of a single employee—organizations can license AND implement SaaS solutions that would revolutionize their operations, improve transparency, and make every team member more effective.”

Travis Haninger, VP of Customer Experience & Co-founder

In addition to SequoiaCX’s business offerings, the agency is working with local and regional nonprofits to give back and support “sustainable environments for growth and success.”

“Real, lasting transformation requires a holistic, all-in approach. A change in mindset and a commitment to the long-term. That’s true in business—and in protecting our environment. We’ve taken these beliefs and stamped them into the very essence and fabric of SequoiaCX.”

“We’re combining our passion to help organizations adapt in a competitive digital world with our desire to preserve and promote the wild spaces of our world. And to back that up—we’re committing a significant portion of our proceeds to help environmental causes. Specifically—replanting and reseeding efforts, carbon offset projects, and environmental disaster relief projects. We believe that mature and healthy ecosystems, in business and nature, help communities and people thrive. I can’t think of a time when these efforts have ever been more important, as currently, California—and the entire west coast—is experiencing the worst wildfire season on record.”

Scott Flanigan, Growth Architect & Co-founder

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About SequoiaCX

We build engaging digital experiences that help growing MedTech and startup organizations share their passion, empower customers, and increase profitability.

We’re not your typical agency. We specialize in Digital Customer Experience (CX)—websites that generate leads, systems that enable self-service, and platforms that streamline operations. Together—we can help your marketing, sales, and service teams reach new heights and form more meaningful relationships at scale.


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