You’re In Good Company.

At SequoiaCX, we nurture the relationship between people and technology. We believe that people thrive in healthy, sustainable environments.

Are you passionate about building amazing customer experiences, ethically applying technology to make the world a better place, and giving back to the environment?

If you answered yes… we think you’ll fit right in!

Culture & Values

People Make All The Difference.

We’re looking for other inspired “techno-environmentalists” to join in our cause. We know it’s the people you work with that make a job memorable and fun—and we seek to surround ourselves with others who share our passions, drive, and integrity. We also believe that real, continuous progress requires open communication and calculated risk-taking. This demands a healthy and sustainable work environment.

At SequoiaCX, we’re committed to protecting a work environment designed to promote long-term growth and success. A healthy work/life balance, mutual respect, radical transparency… these are non-negotiable elements of a healthy workplace where everyone can thrive.

These are our core values


Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – Greg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


Great things take time. Obstacles are inevitable along the journey, but if you stay true to the path—results will come.


Do the right thing. Always.


Our powers combined… Together, we are better equipped to overcome challenges and achieve great things.


The path isn’t always easy. Speak your mind, make tough decisions when needed, admit when you’re wrong, and always remain true to your values.


Always nourish your desire to explore and experiment. Learn something new every day and growth is inevitable.


Our unique backgrounds and experiences offer perspective. Respect ensures everyone’s input and value is heard and included.

Radical Transparency

With honesty and acceptance of ourselves, others, and the challenges presented to us—we will overcome and grow.

Current Opportunities

We’re sorry, there are no open positions at this time. Please check back soon!