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Our Vision

We’re contributing to a better, more prosperous world by cultivating human-centric experiences. By nurturing the relationship between people and technology we can create—and protect—environments that produce sustainable, long-term GROWTH and success.

We Believe

Better customer relationships lead to overwhelming growth when organizations empower their customer ops teams with streamlined digital workflows and shared “customer-focused” goals.

Customers experiences should be effortless.

Every interaction should be tailored so that it’s easy and convenient. Designing seamless experiences and reducing channel-switching makes a positive impact on customer perceptions and loyalty.

Customer interactions should be personalized.

Great customer experiences deliver value that applies directly to the person you’re engaging. Understand their goals, anticipate their needs, and don’t make them repeat themselves. One size DOES NOT fit all.

Customers want to engage with you when it’s convenient for them—and on their terms.

Don’t be an interruption or source of frustration in your customer’s busy life. Make it easy to engage with your brand via email, phone, or chat—and increasingly self-service—to answer questions and realize your value.

Customer focus should be at the heart of every conversation and decision in your business.

Adopt a customer-first mentality and stop making decisions based on margin or “what your competitor does.” Great experiences make for happy customers—and happy customers will keep coming back.

CX will be the defining factor between companies that succeed and… Who?

The digital age has brought about easy access to products and services. Competition is fierce. Companies that embrace technology and differentiate themselves with effortless digital customer experiences will thrive. Those that don’t—will cease to exist.

Our Growth Team

We’re a small core team of digital experts and CX strategists with a passion to deliver amazing experiences and results. We work with a network of talented marketers, designers, sales experts, and technical consultants.
Scott Flanigan | SequoiaCX Cofounder & VP, Digital Strategy
Scott Flanigan
Managing Partner & Cofounder
Travis Haninger | SequoiaCX Cofounder & VP, Customer Experience
Travis Haninger
Sam | SequoiaCX CX Guide & Resident Sasquatch
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